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A world-leading developer, producer, and supplier of technology training solutions.
凯时国际下载 Comprehensive learning solutions for technology. Industry grade certifications


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Intelitek partners with leading manufacturers in Industry to deliver Certifications凯时国际下载 so students get certified while learning the skills needed in the workforce including:

  • Robotics Certification from Yaskawa
  • Vision Sensors Certification from Cognex
  • PLM Certification from Siemens

Intelitek Education Solutions

Industry 4.0

In the last 250 years, society has experienced four Industrial Revolutions, which
have entirely changed the face of the industry as we know it. Here at Intelitek, we believe that the changes in
the industry should and must have a direct impact on the way we build the education system for today’s

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“I love the Intelitek software. It is very easy to learn, has a user-friendly UI and has many interesting features. I also enjoy the fact that these skills could turn into possible internships.”
Nathan Ayres, a student at Corona High School

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